The Nice/Nasty Indecision Hiatus

Running for Rethink

I am a fat man who is going run 10 kilometres, painfully, for a superb mental illness charity called Rethink. Please help me feel better by supporting my excruciating journey.

Rethink not only provide recovery-focused services to people with mental illnesses and their carers, they also successfully campaign to promote equality and remove mental health prejudice in everyday life. They're great. I work for them so I should know. Take a look at, and also, and also again

People affected by severe mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder do not constitute a particularly fashionable, glamorous or heartrending cause - and that's a good thing in some ways, but it does mean that it can be hard to get people to donate some money and help.

So if you need more emotive imagery, I hope that my desperate, red-faced struggle against gravity and flab over ten kilometres will move you to tears and a generous dose of sponsorship.



Abba/pigeon morning
This morning I had a vivid dream that Abba had reformed, minus Angetha (they had some youngish replacement), and had released a rather good catchy, upbeat pop tune.

The tune was in my head, like when Paul McCartney dreamt 'Yesterday'. Only this wasn't a mournful dirge!

Then, just as I was gently waking up and planning to quickly play it into Garageband, there was a tremendous scream, "OH MY GOD OH MY GOD".

This was my other half's response to the not-dead-enough pigeon that one of our three (3) cats (iii) had brought in (f*cking 3). She then f*cked off to work.

I was then left to remove the pigeon and hoover up all the feathers, and in doing so FORGOT THE TUNE.

And the moral of the story is 'ignore the pigeon-screams if you want to recreate Abba'.

Anton Walbrook: Stephen Fry's intro to 'Gaslight'

Realistic dot-eyed horror boy film forthcoming

Tintin film excitement reported in the Guardian. Extract:

' Spielberg said recently: "We want Tintin's adventures to have the reality of a live action film and yet Peter and I felt that shooting them in a traditional live action format would simply not honour the distinctive look of the characters and world that Hergé created. The idea is that the films will look neither like cartoons nor like computer-generated animation. We're making them look photo-realistic, the fibres of their clothing, the pores of their skin and each individual hair. They look exactly like real people - but real Hergé people." '

Sounds great!

You've all seen the Real Mario and Real Homer right?

Me Vs. Them

Can anyone recommend a web hosting company that isn't Fasthosts?

I've got disappearing emailitis - emails just days old simply flip off. Maybe they're being deleted by Doctor Strange, maybe they're made of gas, I don't know . And this is them, right:

"Dear Mr Cox,

The only explanation I can offer you Mr Cox is that if the emails are older than 90 days they get deleted off our systems. 

Emails do not just disappear nor do we delete customers emails."

and this is me, yeah:

Oh really?

Je m'accuse news

Mayor suspends himself for benefit fraud (BBC)

Old phrase or saying
Those old phrases or sayings are sometimes still quite relevant aren't they? Look before you leap, one man's goose is another man's gander, many a mickle makes a muckle and if you don't like planes superglue your hands to a revolving door.*

*- The last one is, I admit, rather new. However I intend to use it as a suffix to 'Well, you know what they say...' in all sorts of conversations from now on when giving advice on relationships, career issues, coping with grief and whether to buy a new tent off the internet or from a proper shop.

Edwyn Collins
Edwyn Collins interview in the Guardian.  He had a near-fatal stroke, MRSA, couldn't speak or walk - so this is great stuff, even if he's not 100% yet.

Mountain out of a volehill

I am rather inspired by the decision of the Spanish to burn up an entire field, in order to get rid some voles that live there. In our flat, we have a mouse. So I am going to smash a wall and wee on the carpet. 

I will only resort to arson if it becomes two mouses - one must have a sense of proportion.

Twee pies f*ck off
Fucking hell.


The glory of pie. The noble, rugged modest hero and cheerful but dry raconteur that is pie.

Turned into a twee spinachey vomit box.


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